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  • Milling / Turning

  • Boring / Honing (Blocks and Barrels)

  • Line Boring

  • Dynamic Crank Balancing

  • Crankshaft Works, Knife-Edging, Wedging

  • Crankshaft Grinds / Stroke Correction / Offset Grinds

  • Flywheel Refacing / Lightening / Balancing

  • Chemical Cleaning Baths

  • Cylinder Head Works / Seat Cutting, Refacing

  • Engine Block Works, Liners & Refacing

  • Con Rod Resizing and Refurbishing


All Aspects of machining works considered, we work on classic and modern engines. Please get in touch with your requirements.

The best way to reach us is by email, Please write a short description of the work you require along with your contact details.

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