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The next batch of engines to be machined

With spring on the horizon we get the machines working long shifts to put more machined components on the shelf. Earlier this month we put a batch of Ford CVH short engines together, Next week we will be looking at BMC B Series, Wolseley 1500, MBG 1800. This week we are looking at BMC A Series engines.

Engines going through:

2 x 1098 Inline, This is compatible with Austin A30,A35,A40, Healey Sprite, MG Midget, Morris Minor to name a few.

2 x 998 Transverse A+ Engines.

1 x MK3 1275 Cooper S Short Engine.

All of these engines will be completely overhauled in our very own machine shop. We strip, chemically clean, inspect, machine, chemically clean again, final prep, paint and assemble all in house. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing one of the engines listed above.

We specialise in the following engines:

BMC A and B Series

Land Rover 2.25L

Ford Pinto, CVH, Zetec

Triumph 1300,1500

We hold lots of parts for the above engines and offer full porting, polishing, balancing and rework for reconditioned road and, road warrior and track engines.

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