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BMC A Series - 1098(10CC) Engine Block - UPGRADED - Midget / Sprite

BMC A Series - 1098(10CC) Engine Block - UPGRADED - Midget / Sprite

PriceFrom £695.00
Excluding Sales Tax

BMC A Series (INLINE) Engine Block - 1098cc

Engine Code: 10CC


This is one of our most popular 1098 packages, now you have the chance to buy it in kit form and build it yourself!


Full spec below...


UPGRADED engine blocks are machined as below and supplied with:

  • 1098 +.060 Pistons (w/rings)
  • Centre Main Strap



  • Selected Engine Blocks, Chemically Cleaned
  • Blocks are inspected, all threads checked and chased.
  • Centre Main Cap prepared for Strap.
  • Bored to 1098 +.060) Pistons.
  • New Cam Bearings fitted.
  • Refaced.
  • Oil Galleries drilled, tapped and compression plugs fitted
  • Final preparation and deep clean.
  • Water Core Plugs Fitted.


This unit is sold on an exchange basis. A £250.00 surcharge is added and will be refunded on return of your old unit. Full details below.

  • BMC A Series (INLINE) Engine Codes

    Production Engine Codes

    • Austin A30 803cc 2A
    • Austin A35 948cc 9A
    • Austin A35 van ( optional) 848cc 8G ( post 1962 all GPO.)
    • Austin A40 Mk1 948cc 9A or 9D
    • Austin A40 Mk2 948cc 9DB
    • Austin A40 Mk2 1100 1098cc 10D or 10DD
    • Austin Healey Sprite Mk1 948cc 9CG or 9CC
    • Austin Healey Sprite Mk2/ MG Midget Mk1 948cc 9CG
    • Austin Healey Sprite Mk2/ MG Midget Mk1 1098cc 10CG
    • Austin Healey Sprite Mk3/ MG Midget Mk2 1098cc 10CC ( 2" main bearings.)
    • Austin Healey Sprite Mk4/ MG Midget Mk3 1275cc 12CC
    • Austin Healey Sprite Mk4/MG Midget Mk3  after Oct '72, 12V
    • Morris Minor 1000 948cc APJM
    • Morris Minor 1000 after 1956 948cc 9M
    • Morris Minor 1000 1098cc 10MA
    • Morris 1000 GPO van 948cc 8AG
    • Morris Marina 1300 1275cc 12V
  • Returning your old unit.

    Returning your old unit.

    Thank you for considering the purchase of your new Engine Block from MCCS. We have made the process of purchasing your new Block as straight forward as possible. 

    Your new Engine Block will arrive to you in a custom, padded box or Crate. We ask that old studs are removed as this will protect the padding in the box. Please wrap your soiled Block in a bin bag or similar and put back into the padded box. You can then book delivery back to us, if you need us to book the shipping we can take care of that for you and deduct the cost from your exchange refund.

    We thank you for your co-operation in returning exchange units, allowing us to continue to keep a stock of these parts in the future.

    We appreciate the return of all exchange units as soon as is practicably possible.

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MCCS allows you to pay in installments through your build directly, with no finance required. So there are options available for all budgets and circumstances.
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